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Dia Solutions

Some brand names are worth paying a little more for, but in many cases, the cheaper generics are the same quality as the big brand names. Try our services to know how cheap you can go by saving on all your merchandise and logistic activities. Dia Import-Export offers you the most excellent quality you can get in the market, but with a cheaper rate at its best. We are your solution to freight logistics and vast in general wholesale merchandise. We create a good relationship with all our customers, small or big and we treat all clients as family with a long lasting experience. The company is a leader in what it does, since we are vast in know-how, a 24/7 service all-round the globe. Why choose us? Reasons: Fast, Smart and Responsible.


Dia Group Inc. started decades ago as an asset-based transportation, merchandise and warehousing company and grew into an integrated supply chain service provider powerhouse from a lineage of businessmen and women. Today we utilize our asset-based structure to your advantage. From regional companies to Fortune 1000, Dia Import-Export provides distribution logistics and warehousing services to customers of all sizes with varied needs. Our unique approach starts with the integration of our systems into our customers’ inventory-tracking systems. In other words, we make our systems talk with yours, negating any costly re-configuration of your own data functionalities.

Transnational || International

Our operational flexibility creates cost efficiencies for small, medium and large companies by harnessing the power of our vast network of warehouses and delivery systems. For large companies, our scale and capabilities create true custom solutions, including customer-specific warehouse locations and optimized transportation routes in both transnational and international scale; Customized, responsive and scalable solutions in general wholesale merchandising. Our ability to think ‘outside the box’ is what has built our customer base and continues to be a key component in all of our daily transactions.


Our global outfit are staffed by experts that are well-versed in multinational transactions. Global logistics is definitely more complicated than everyday logistics added to the swings of today’s global economy. In this industry, you need a trusted partner who understands not only the global business, but your business as well. Dia Import-Export is that partner. Our team takes a personal approach to your merchandise or project shipments, on schedule and on budget. Our ?can do? attitude and relentless ability to move any size goods anywhere in the world makes us unique. When you choose to use Dia Group Inc. for your business activities or any of its subsidiaries, you are not simply choosing a leading Merchandiser or forwarder but a global supply chain partner.

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Dia Import & Export

Whatever your reason for being here, perhaps you want to import goods that will reduce your costs or export goods to increase your turnover or spread your risk in times of turbulence.


Dia Shoes

Welcome to Dia Shoes. This was a women?s-only shoe store that started in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. However, there is a mixed men and women collection in Sibiu, Romania and other country locations.


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