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Dia Services

Sea Freight

Our valuable network of manpower experts strive to take care of any sea containerized goods and ocean project shipments. Our services are hassle free; since we make sure nothing is left undone from storage => departure => arrival => delivery, added to our fast transit hubs and low prices. We offer a variety of transport solutions, be it small, large, extra-large or extra extra-large. We have it covered – Full (FCL) or Less (LCL) container load.

Air Freight

Our air services comprises of comprehensive ranges, extensive network of logistic experts that always guarantee a secure, efficient and timely delivery of goods throughout our vast number of destinations and specific locations within the 7 continents of the world. We pride ourselves of the best integration hubs to meet time and prompt delivery. Our services are second to none.

Truck Freight

We provide custom transportation for all truck goods across the various cities of the 28 European Union States, 15 ECOWAS logistic business hubs, 10 ASEAN metropolitan areas, and 3 NAFTA key Regions and beyond. It is cost effective, fast and reliable.

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•  Full Truckload (FTL) shipping: A capacity of a whole or semi-trailer.
•  Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping: A transportation of relatively small freight from 100 Lbs to 10,000 Lbs in weight.


From regional companies to the Fortune 1000, Dia Group Inc. provides smooth, affordable distribution logistics and warehousing services to customers of all sizes, with needs that vary as much as their individual businesses may undertake. Our unique approach to all logistic freights and warehousing starts with an integration of our systems into your customers’ inventory tracking systems, not the other way around as is customary with competitors. This means that we make our systems talk with yours, negating costly re-configuration of your own data functionalities.


The ?Contract Packaging Division? operates under the same brand name Dia Group Inc. This division is a national company that specializes exclusively in contract packaging design, sourcing or custom assembly fulfilment. We know you want it on time, done correctly and designed effectively at a good value. More so, you want it eye-catching enough to capture a consumer. We have all the latest in packaging stress machines and transportation simulation technology to test and retest your package to make sure that it will arrive as it depart, no matter what it encounters along the way.


Dia Import-Export services are truly tailored to your needs. Our operational flexibility creates cost efficiencies for small companies by harnessing the power of our mother company Dia Group Inc. vast network of warehouses and delivery systems. For large companies, our scale and capabilities create true custom solutions, including customer-specific warehouse locations and optimized transportation routes. Our decades of experience in distribution logistics and warehousing provide a cost-effective means for customers to reliably manage an integral component of the supply chain process reliably, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Our services

Service Shoes

Dia Import & Export

Whatever your reason for being here, perhaps you want to import goods that will reduce your costs or export goods to increase your turnover or spread your risk in times of turbulence.


Dia Shoes

Welcome to Dia Shoes. This was a women?s-only shoe store that started in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. However, there is a mixed men and women collection in Sibiu, Romania and other country locations.


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