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Dia Management

Prince Uzezi Dia II, as Founder and CEO of Dia Import/Export; I have been fascinated through my upbringing in the environment of business people within and outside the family. From the onset, I have been involved in the family business that encompasses general merchandising; this has created a lifelong experience in the practical business. More so, I have worked as a student in the wholesale and retail industry for a long time as a part-time sales person and have learned the ?ins and outs? of the demand and supply chain processes from the job. After realizing that my mission was to set forth the business tradition that was laid down, I took the steps to formally study for it to meet the challenges that will come in the near future; And to be sure that this was my call, I began after my High School at Penn Foster by proof studying for the Small Business Management (SBM) at the Penn Foster Career School in Scranton PA – USA with an absolute success.

Meanwhile, I then went on to graduate in my first circle studies in International Business and Management Studies from Inholland University of Applied Sciences, in Rotterdam – The Netherlands and earned a bachelor degree in business administration (BBA) also with success; and confident that I would be able to leverage my industrial knowhow and knowledge skills, I started by creating a division within the family business ventures while still studying for a Master degree. At the moment, I hold four master certificates from Karlstad University, Sweden in business administration. However, am also pursuing a master degree in political science at the Maastricht University, in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The intellectual skills gained will help deepen my knowledge of the powerful forces impacting people, communities and corporations.


Princes Bianca Popa-Dia, as CEO of Dia Shoes; I have a strong passion for shoes and have worked in the shoe industry for a long time where I learned the intricate details of the retail and wholesale shoe market from the practical business, and in addition gained certifications that would be appropriate for this related goal of creating a shoe business. However, I will be running the European Union part of the subsidiary. Our offer will include both men and women shoe collections. After realizing that there are unmet demands for original brand shoes and fashionable trend shoes among women and men in the low, middle and upper class sections of our society, I have decided to set a standard and the trend deserving the shoe loving public in Europe and beyond, in all works of life and class of our society.

Thus, I am setting the pace by bringing Dia Shoes to the public. Now that Dia Shoes is expanding to Sibiu, Romania. We are sure going to surprise you all. Nonetheless, Dia Import-Export in general wholesale merchandise will serve as an inventory support for all Dia Shoes division. I am confident that I would be able to leverage all my industrial knowledge and create a shoe trend that will meet the expectations of all who love Shoes. Be it in the office or in the street, we will get you covered in the highest taste and preference that meets your expectations. This will be operated solely for new brand trends coming into the world shoe market. We will make you more beautiful, handsome, fit and trendy for any occasion since our models have been selected for you to wear every day with ease and elegance. For a broader choice, visit our Showrooms: Brick-and-Mortar stores and galleries. Welcome to Dia Shoes in Rotterdam – NL and Sibiu – RO.

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Whatever your reason for being here, perhaps you want to import goods that will reduce your costs or export goods to increase your turnover or spread your risk in times of turbulence.


Dia Shoes

Welcome to Dia Shoes. This was a women?s-only shoe store that started in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. However, there is a mixed men and women collection in Sibiu, Romania and other country locations.


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