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Dia Shoes Solutions

Dia Shoes will promote itself through channels as word-of-mouth, magazines, TV ads, and flyers, plus the additional advert from all malls and catalogues linked to our website. The sales strategy will simply be: Have the most complete quality and trendy selection of shoes. We are your solution to new shoe trend merchandise and custom-made shoes. Assuming the prices are reasonable, having an extensive selection will drive sales because most women, particularly our target market of fashion-conscious females with disposable income, have lots of clothing that they could use the perfect pairs of shoes with. Its attractive, eye-catching storefront in a popular shopping mall, airport and hotels etc. will immediately receive walk-through customers.

The right size

Big feet and big shoes questions – Many people with bigger feet are used to wearing small shoes because the supply was very limited in their size. Fortunately the supply in big sizes has grown significantly this last decade, so please choose the right size. Your longest toe should never touch the end of the shoe. Especially for comfortable shoes you walk around with, about an inch extra in length is needed. With ballerinas or high heels a little less over length is possible because otherwise the shoe slips but even then some space in front is to be recommended. Most of the brands we carry do have half sizes so the optimal fit can be found. You can select whole sizes in the web shop but also half sizes are also shown. One size 43 is not the other and sometimes also fits 42.5 or 43.5 just fits better. This is due to the different lasts and different size read principles that manufacturers apply. But with most brands sizes are often quite accurate. So if for instance, Gabor size 43 fits, similar models of that brand will also fit. If you use measure by searching our collection, whole and half sizes and the French (43, 43.5) and the English bar size (9, 9/5) are merged. So are you looking for size 43.5 then select 43 and then the site displays all the models in size from 43 to 43.5 – 9 to 9.5.


For purchases in our stores, we pay much attention to the proper fit and therefore offer a wide collection of different lasts, various widths, shoes for separate support and half sizes. In the web shops we try to describe the fit of the shoe as accurate as possible with an indication of the width and also whether or not suitable for separate support. If you have a special need, you can indicate that in a mail and we will find a place for you in our collections. Also good experiences with brands that you previously have walked with can give a good indication of fit.


A corn is a small callused area of skin caused by local pressure, sensitive spot and causes inside growth that irritates tissue over a bony prominence. This is often caused by ill-fitting shoes. Sufficient space in height and width of the shoe is important in order to prevent corns.


Separate supports are loose insoles for common podiatric complaints and some problems (feet, legs, hips, back) can be reduced. We offer a wide collection of shoes and boots suitable for these supports and cooperate with a podiatrist regularly on Saturdays at some of our gallery locations for customer questions and free advices. You can contact us for an appointment. When there are bottlenecks in the shoe, we can often provide a solution through softening the leather and local stretching. This includes boots whose shafts are too tight. In general, we can stretch the shaft 10-15%. If you experience blisters in new shoes then we beat the sturdy heel into a better shape.

Shoe Trees

Quality dress shoes are expensive, but they can last for decades if they are cared for properly. That is where shoe trees are vital. However, they are a whole lot cheaper than a new pair of nice shoes, and will help keep your current pair in excellent condition too. Shoe trees are crucial to keeping shoes in amazing shape as they age. Our feet sweat throughout the day, and the leather and lining of our shoes absorb all that moisture. This can cause the lining to rot, your shoes to stink, and the leather to crack over time, thereby ruining expensive footwear. A shoe tree holds a shoe in its proper shape so it dries out correctly, and keeps the leather from cracking by wicking away moisture. The absorbent wood also helps dry out the lining of shoes so that they do not rot from the inside out.


Our Rotterdam (The Netherlands) stores will only be stock with inventory models. Orders can be made through the stores and also be placed via our secure on-line web shop at any point in time. Be it on a working hour or at close of a business day which includes weekends. This will enable customers far away to buy our products with just a touch of a computer keyboard and mouse. And that will be monitored 24 hours of every day. Our Sibiu (Romania) store that carries modern brand trends will be brick and Mortar stores located at strategic places in the city. Malls and selected special venues like the airport and five star Hotels. We come to our customers and our customers come to us.

In addition, we also sell almost all well-fitting brands of fashionable trend and comfortable Shoes in larger sizes such as Gabor, Lilian, Vabeene, SPM, H�gl, Footnotes, Durea, Semler, Verhulst, Donna Carolina, Roberto d’Angelo, Everybody, Arcopedico, JJ Footwear, Mustang , Think, Wolky and others for ladies. We also stock Giorgio, Australian, Blackstone, Verschuren, Skechers, Harris and Manz for men, which we present in our collection. Overall, we specialize in how it fits and can often provide a solution for narrow feet, wide feet, separate and arch support. We sell well-fitting, sporty, trendy and classic shoes for ladies and gentlemen. We specialize in both small and the larger sizes for ladies 36 to 46 and men 40 to 52 in combination with narrow feet, wide feet and arch supports.

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Whatever your reason for being here, perhaps you want to import goods that will reduce your costs or export goods to increase your turnover or spread your risk in times of turbulence.


Dia Shoes

Welcome to Dia Shoes. This was a women?s-only shoe store that started in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. However, there is a mixed men and women collection in Sibiu, Romania and other country locations.


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