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Dia About Us

This site is designed to help our customers and visitors acquaint themselves with some of the new subsidiaries of Dia Group Inc. It is a tradition that since our services does much of the talking for us, we do not advertise. Although some of its division do advertise in many other ways. This digital channel could be used for finding the nearest locations, for sending files, requesting quotes, accessing online ordering or just for information purpose. Dia Group Inc. are global business experts’ that supply and deliver general national, transnational, international and global consumer goods from the common office accessories, modern computer equipment?s, consumer electronics (gadgets/ goods/ devices), and automobile (parts/ engines), to heavy machineries all over the world, to Private clients or individual(s), Business-to-Consumers (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Government (B2G) and many other sectors with a simple formula of Just-in-Time (JIT). In these days and time, finding original accessories and replacement parts has become a difficult process as manufacturers only focus on items produced in the last ten years. As importer and exporter of general wholesale merchandise, we also buy and sell goods from suppliers (vendors), distributors and manufacturers in the local and foreign markets. However, with today’s diverse needs in specialized transportation demand; our trucking, air and sea freights ultimately fulfil our client’s objectives. So, if you want any product beyond a time limit, name it and we will find it.


Our vision is to sustain profitable growth globally by providing value added services through value innovation and ‘JIT’ concepts. We do this to reduce client?s inventories while simultaneously improving customer services. We allow ‘Piggyback’ where your goods can be sold alongside those of other manufacturers. The company’s excellence is in what we do. We are efficient, flexible, and reliable. More so, our trust worthiness speaks for us. We also use both philosophies of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) approach to improve our organization by focusing on a very few issues – the constraints to ongoing profitability; and the Lean methods to eliminate any and all waste for our sustainability purposes and goals.


Many of the company’s shipments are a combination of the European, African, Asian and American-made products and, in addition, specialised quality contract packaging, re-packaging and labelling. Dia Group Inc. has other subsidiaries like Dia Import/Export – who are vast in general wholesale merchandise, Dia Shoes – who are experts in custom-made and modern shoe trends, and Dia Foundation which is the company?s goodwill to help the youths improve their quality of life and that of the future generation. The company has established an extensive network of manufacturer(s), supplier(s), logistic platforms and customer contacts base. However, competition may look like a problem, but it is not, it is a solution because we are a market leader in our field.

The company have the best distribution system and is also aware of the demand of related consumer products. Now we facilitate the supply to meet those demands. Just-in-Time (JIT), Inventory and Process Management are our key. Prince Uzezi Dia II is the Founder and CEO of Dia Group Incorporation?s subsidiary Dia Import/Export; hails from a lineage of businessmen/women, have excellent experience in global marketing, transportation logistics, and international business law etc. while Princes Bianca Popa-Dia is the CEO of Dia Shoes Division, driven with a passion for fashion and especially a focus on shoes. We strive to meet our obligations and we get the job done faster than any competition in the market. Since the inception of the company?s Import-Export division in general wholesale merchandise; Dia Shoes division for modern world brand trends and special custom-made shoes, we have not only developed beyond our national frontiers, but become global.


Dia Import || Export


Dia Import/Export is a subsidiary of Dia Group Inc. The import and export division was established in the lowlands (Rotterdam-NL) under licence: ‘Dia Import/Export’ to facilitate the groups’ logistic operations for national, transnational, international, and global wholesale merchandise. Activities: Non-specialized wholesale of consumer goods; Wholesale trade, including import and export trade in unregulated goods. You name it, we move it. SIC Code: 46901.

As a general wholesale merchandiser, we allow ‘Piggyback’ importing and exporting where your products can be sold along with those of other manufacturers. Dia Import/Export division has an extensive network of suppliers, logistic platforms and customer contacts base. We are a market leader in our field as we strive to meet our obligations and get the job done faster than any competition in the market.

Why…??? Because:

•  Our valuable network of manpower experts strive to take care of any pallet or containerized goods, general logistic merchandise and project shipments.
•  Our services are hassle free; since we make sure nothing is left undone from storage ? departure ? arrival ? delivery, added to our fast transit and affordable prices for Priority, Express or Economy Freights in LCL – Less than a Container Load, FCL – Full Container Load, Oversized and Bulk Freight, Roll on Roll off (RORO), Dry and Reefer Containerised Freight.
•  And we offer a variety of transport solutions – Air, Truck, and Sea Freights. Courier Insurance, Customs Clearances and Documentations, Be it small, large, extra-large or extra-extra-large, we have it covered from Airport to Airport, Port to Port and Door to Door.
When we “ROAR”, our competitions ?SHRINK? with dismay, that?s why!

Dia || Shoes


Welcome to Dia Shoes. This was a women?s-only shoe store that started in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. However, there is a mixed men and women collection in Sibiu, Romania and other country locations. Our subsidiary store in Sibiu, Romania will stock assorted brands that will leverage a new trend in modern brand shoes. Meanwhile, this entry into Romania will set the pace of a new line and a trend never seen before in that part of Europe. Just check us out! We will ‘wow’ you.

Though, Rotterdam badly needs an upscale shoe store for women because the current shoe-stores market in Rotterdam have inadequate, sublime and trendy collections. So we shall focus on this special line in Rotterdam for women only. Ladies first! Currently, women that need a special pair of shoes often must travel up to Amsterdam, Milan, London, Paris or New York to find the right shoes. Now they do not have to, we got it here in Rotterdam and Sibiu. We have it all in Dia Shoes.

Dia Shoes will present in its web shop just samples for custom-made shoes, since our walk-in shops in Rotterdam – NL and Sibiu – RO will stock versatile and extensive collections also for large feet. We invite women with shoe size from 36-46 and men with shoe size from 40-51 to look at our models and they can order their desired shoes. We offer all kinds of shoe types, slippers, winter boots, sling-backs, ankle boots, pumps, ballet flats, lace-up shoes, loafers, long boots, sandals, moccasins, shoots etc. – in various colours, styles, fits and materials at different affordable prices.


Dia || Foundation


Dia Foundation is a charitable, non-partisan and a non-profit foundation whose mission is to advance equity and excellence in business education within the European and African Continent or wherever it operates. Established as an independent educational charity in 2014, Dia Foundation works to support entrepreneurial career development through sustainable, innovative, replicable, and evidence-based strategies that prepare students to access the skills within the business sector, by providing educational bursaries and subsistence awards. This will enable young people to attain a standard, and to create opportunities that would help them thrive in areas which would otherwise be beyond their reach.

Dia Foundation wishes to be known for its commitment to combating business illiteracy, poverty and inequality through education and the development of crucial business skills of the 21st century. Especially, these five fundamental skills:
•  Leadership ? the ability to listen, respond and to set priorities.
•  Organization ? the ability to turn chaos into order.
•  Innovation ? the ability to turn order into right action.
•  Communication/Presentation ? create, & deliver engagement.
•  Choice ? the ability to decide what, where, and whom attention and focus is directed.
It values nations with a skilled workforce that sustains an expanding economy, where civic life embodies diversity, democratic values and practice, and where an education system provides all students with fair chances to develop their talents and contribute to the common good of developing their communities.

Dia Foundation is a charity which is constituted as a non-profit foundation under the umbrella of Dia Group Inc. This is the company?s goodwill to help people help themselves through the practical application of knowledge and resources to improve their quality of life and that of future generations, with the purpose of building sustainable communities. The Foundation is currently governed by three independent trustees. For further information email: info@diagroupinc.eu

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Dia Import & Export

Whatever your reason for being here, perhaps you want to import goods that will reduce your costs or export goods to increase your turnover or spread your risk in times of turbulence.


Dia Shoes

Welcome to Dia Shoes. This was a women?s-only shoe store that started in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. However, there is a mixed men and women collection in Sibiu, Romania and other country locations.


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